ABOUT 40% of the population lives below the line of poverty in Andalucia.

According to a study conducted by the region´s branch of the European Anti-Poverty Network (EAPN-A), 3.5 million people live within the circle of poverty in the south of Spain.

The study called Poverty 3.0, Poverty advances, reports that the region has the highest unemployment rate of the country (38.5%), and notes that one in every four poor Spanish is Andalucian.

Lola Garcia, director of the EAPN-A, explained to the Olive Press that the study doesn’t take in account economic poverty alone.

“When we say poverty, we are not only talking about low salaries, but about unemployment rates; education levels; living conditions and the ability to deal with unexpected expenses,” she said.

In fact, the study shows that 66% of Andalucian children don’t have access to any educational resources.

For the authors of the study, the poverty in the region is “alarming”, especially when compared to the Government’s budget for 2014; social security cash will be cut by 36% while there will be a 39% increase funding for the armed forces. .

“The numbers of poverty and social exclusion are growing at the same rate that the policies of social protection go down,” the study states.

The gap between rich and poor is now seven times bigger in the region since the beginning of the crisis.